Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Talk about sex

I've been musing on what men and women want from each other. It seems to be fairly obvious once you take into account that basically our sole purpose in life is to pass our genetic information on to the next generation. Couple that assumption with the way nature and evolution have designed our bodies.

Males deposit their genetic information within the female for gestation, it is a simple easy task and the male involvement can end there, he can walk away. This means that a male can impregnate many females, the most successful ones will do exactly that and their genes will be most successfully spread within the population, the result of hundreds of thousands of years of natural selection means that males have a sex drive which pushes for sex with as many females as possible.

Females on the other hand carry the child to term for 9 months during which time she will be vulnerable, then must care for the child until grown enough to fend for itself, around the time it becomes sexually mature itself. This is a huge investment of time and resources and means that a female will desire the sole attention of a mate who can provide long term support, attention and material resources.

The strategies are almost diametrically opposed. The result would be that a male will be excited by a female who is physically attractive and a female will be excited by a male who can demonstrate a willingness and ability to provide long term support, attention and resources. This also implies that females may be naturally more monogamous than males.

I think these strategies can be seen in human society, females dress themselves and paint themselves to display their physical attributes. Males on the other hand have to demonstrate an ability to provide long term resources to attract mates. Expensive cars, big houses are the human male equivalent of a sexual display, similar to a bird of paradises feathers. It could also explain why males tend to be doers and females don't, there's a need to demonstrate the ability to provide.

The effect of women in the workplace might also be interesting. As they gain more resources of their own, will this increase sexual confusion and the number of lesbians in the population? Is there a correlation? Are women as attracted to the ability to care for and provide (basically money, resources) as they are to the physical attributes of their mates?

  • How many attractive young females are married to old, ugly but rich men?
  • How many women are attracted to obviously wealthy and powerful females?
  • Gay men also dress up, spend a lot of time on their appearance, wear makeup presumably in an attempt to attract males who are attracted to the physical aspects.

It may also explain why I want a flat, a yacht and a new car... I'm trying to attract females, whether consciously or not. I suspect that large swathes of human behaviour are unconsciously to do with sex or at least reproduction.


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